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Glasswear & other Table centers

Martini glasses: 70cm elegant martini glases.


Conical vases: 60cm


Cylinder vases:

50cm £5 40cm £4 30cm £ 3 20cm £2

Hurricane vases: 26cm


£8.50 with LED candle

Fish bowl:

Large 25cmD £6

Standard 20cmD £4

Small 15cmD £2

Cube vase:

12cm glass £3. mirror glass £4

14cm glass £5, mirror glass £6

Lily vase:

60cm £5

Hanging glass vase: small hanging glass vase with faux foliage/flowers.


Glass mirror plate: 25cm diameter


Glass tealight holder:


60p with 8hr burn tealight

Glass tealight holder: vintage style metal rim.


70p with 8hr burn tealight

Glass tealight holder: flat top


50p with 8hr burn tealight

Milk bottles: small or standard available with or without ribbon in your colour choice.

Small: 50p/plus ribbon 70p

Standard: 75p/ plus ribbon 95p

'You Light Up My Life' illuminated glass jars: 5x Jars with tags and submersible lights.£13

Ribbed glass vase:

Tall (18.5cm) £2

Round (15cmDx14cm) £2

Baroque silver vase: silver glass vase 14.5cm


Trio of bottles: 3 small glass bottles in shades of green, 6x10cm.


Jam jars:

various sizes available plain or decorated (with hessian and lace as per picture). Undecorated: small (40p each), medium, standard (all 50p each) or large (70p each). Or decorated: small (80p each), medium, standard (all £1.00 each) or large (£1.40 each).

Vase fillers: priced per vase, please ask for prices.

Water gel beads in clear or colour, acrylic diamonds, gold or silver sand chips, faux pearls or simply coloured water (fresh flower friendly!)

Vase lighting: See our light section for water submersible lights perfect for adding to vases on their own or with water, water gel beads or acrylic diamonds etc.

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